“The ecological perspective at Conway is not an ‘add-on.’ It permeates every hour of the Conway education.”

Joel Russell, Master Teacher, Conservation + Law

“One of the great stories in design education is that of the Conway School.”

Dr. David W. Orr, author of Earth in Mind, The Nature of Design, and Design on the Edge

“The Conway School hones the skills of its students while maintaining a deep ethical sense of the long term needs of humanity and the planet.”

Dr. John Todd, professor, University of Vermont, inventor of living machines

“The graduates of the Conway School will surely be well prepared to take on the environmental challenges of our age.”

Kurt Culbertson, principal and chairman of the board, Design Workshop, Aspen, Colorado

“What consistently strikes me about Conway’s program is the energy, enthusiasm, and commitment that it fosters within its students.”

Tom K. Wessels, professor, Antioch University New England

“The Conway program turns out graduates that are capable of taking on complex challenges—just the skills needed for global, environmental issues.”

Judy Preston, executive director Tidewater Institute, Old Saybrook, Connecticut

“If one judges an institution by the commitment, enthusiasm, and competence of its graduates, Conway must rank among the very best.”

Randall Arendt, landscape planner & author, Narragansett, Rhode Island

“The Conway School is one of the best in the country for giving a grounding in landscape design….”

Kevin Lynch, author and urban planner

“The Conway environment embraces those things most precious to learning: a salutary atmosphere; close student/faculty interaction; the sharing of knowledge; reverence for the earth and a responsibility for the stewardship of it.”

Steven Strong, principal, Solar Design Associates, Inc., Harvard, Massachusetts

“The school’s graduates are experts at understanding human desires and finding the way to express them in ecologically sound design.”

Dr. Jill Ker Conway, former president of Smith College, Massachusetts