Why Conway

Studio from outside.

Climate destabilization. Food + water insecurity. Species collapse.

The future wasn’t supposed to look like that!

Help re-invent the future. Work toward a better planet using ecological whole systems thinking. Help ensure healthy communities and productive landscapes for future generations.

Equip yourself to:

Fix what’s broken. Save what works. DESIGN THE FUTURE!

Conway is ten months of intensive, specialized graduate study that will prepare you to work as a designer/planner on important real-world projects by . . . (ready for this?) working on important, real-world projects—as a student, with the support of teachers who are seasoned professionals.

For forty years it’s been happening at Conway: real world, real results. See for yourself; take a look at the work Conway students have created.

To get an idea of how far you can go, consider the careers of some Conway alums.