Prof. Paul Cawood Hellmund


President/Director and Professor, Design & Planning

“I am tremendously impressed with the students who come to Conway. Their commitment, hard work, and enthusiasm are tremendous. Not to mention their senses of humor! With these qualities it’s no wonder this learning community is so productive and the teaching here is so rewarding.”

Paul Cawood Hellmund was educated (at Harvard and Colorado State) as a landscape architect and planner. The focus of his design, research, practice, and teaching is improving the relationship between people and nature, especially in urban, suburban, and degraded landscapes. He is a full member of the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Paul became director and core faculty member at Conway in 2005. Born and raised in Panama, he has brought a pronounced national and international focus to the Conway School. He has helped coordinate student projects outside New England and in Panama, Italy, Chile, and Mexico.

He is co-author of Designing Greenways (2006) and he co-edited Ecology of Greenways (1993), which was recognized by the American Society of Landscape Architects with a national award. He also was principal author of Colorado State Parks’ widely circulated “Planning Trails with Wildlife in Mind.”

He sees finding a balance between nature and people as a key factor in creating sustainable communities and he seeks collaborative design as essential to progress in sustainability.

Paul has taught undergraduate and graduate students of landscape architecture in courses in sustainable design, landscape ecology, environmental analysis, and landscape planning, and organized interdisciplinary projects exploring various aspects of protected areas planning in the U.S. and abroad. He formerly taught at Colorado State University, Virginia Tech, and Harvard University.

Most recently Paul had his own private practice, Hellmund Associates, prior to which he worked for Design Workshop, HOH Associates, and the U.S. National Park Service. His major projects, extending over several years, were the management plan for the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge and various aspects of the Chatfield Basin Conservation Network.

• MLA, Harvard Graduate School of Design (1983)
• BS, Landscape Horticulture/Design, Colorado State University (1977)