We explore, develop, practice, and teach design of the land that is ecologically and socially sustainable.

In the process we:

  • Provide graduates with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to practice the planning, design, and management of the land that respects nature as well as humanity;
  • Develop ecological awareness, understanding, respect, and accommodation in our students and project clients;
  • Produce projects that fit human use to natural conditions.

Your Role

You believe in making a positive contribution to the healing of the planet. You have witnessed environmental degradation and know there is a better way. You know that sustainability, environmental health, and social equality are not options, but essential elements for our future.

For over forty years, Conway has offered ten months of intensive, specialized graduate study that prepares students to work as designers or planners solving some of our world’s toughest challenges. The school provides a unique education by taking on important, real-world projects, which students complete with the support of seasoned faculty. To get an idea of the impact that graduates have, consider the careers of some Conway alums.

There are ways for non-students to have an impact, as well. Mid-career professionals can gain additional skills at one of Conway’s professional development workshops. Homeowners can apply to have Conway provide an ecological landscape design for their home. Community-minded citizens can propose student projects on their own property or in partnership with local organizations or city agencies.