Mollie Babize

Planning & Design

Ken Byrne

Humanities; Academic Coordination

Kate Cholakis

Landscape Planning and Design; Digital Design; Admissio...

Kim Erslev

Landscape Design; Site Engineering; Graphics

Rachel Loeffler

Site Engineering

Jono Neiger

Regenerative Design

Keith Zaltzberg

Digital Design

Visiting Instructors

These instructors, lecturers, and/or studio coaches are regular annual visitors to the Conway School, working in the classroom, studio, or field one to four times a year.

Michael Ben-Eli

  • Sustainability

Walt Cudnohufsky

  • Design Process

David Jacke ’84

  • Permaculture

John O’Keefe

  • Ecology

Keith Ross

  • Conservation Innovation

Joel Russell

  • Conservation Law

Dana Tomlin

  • Geographic Information Systems

Erik Van Lennep

  • Sustainability

Edwina von Gal

  • Landscape Design + Conservation

Greg Watson

  • Sustainable Agriculture

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