“Conway is an incredible, one of a kind experience!  One which can prepare you for a range of careers in the environmental fields, from residential design to city and land use planning, as well as land conservation or restoration work or environmental educator to name a few.  The program is designed for practical skill building out in the world, with a heavy focus on building communication and confidence.  Alternative education at its best!!” – WW ‘98, Maine

“What I walked away [from Conway] with was a conviction of the power of design.” – EVL ‘83, Ireland

“Real clients and projects made the work feel that much more meaningful and relevant, and the overall compressed Conway experience left me feeling very proud of the work I accomplished and amazed at the amount I learned in just ten months.” – FD ‘09, San Francisco

The best ten months I invested in my life from a professional and personal standpoint.” – BH ‘98, North Carolina

Laughing students  

“I chose Conway over some of the larger universities I was accepted to because it seemed to offer the opportunity to explore ‘out of the box’ solutions….” – GDP ‘02, Indonesia

“I feel as though I use my Conway experience each and every day in a variety of ways.” – KB ‘78, Missouri

“…I have designed and managed a variety of [international] relief projects. My Conway education was an ideal grounding. The focus on understanding context, training in critical analysis, working with clients, working in teams and the presentation skills have all been critical to the work I have done.” – KS ‘88, Bangladesh

“The best experience for me, was studying/working with real projects and later on using them in my professional portfolio.” – PHB ‘08, Switzerland

“The depth and breadth of experiences will stay with me always and stand by me no matter what job or task is put before me.” – KMN ‘05, New York

Alums, let us know how your experience at Conway impacted you and your career. Contact us.