Creating this new website you are looking at was a labor of love that allowed us to explore how best to get you the information you need about the Conway School. We hope you find it useful and also will suggest improvements to us. Contact us.

Conway alums and school staff teamed up over many months to find just the right photos and to write the text for the website.

We had good help

Blitz Build Team at the end of the day of website creating

Some of the Conway alums, staff, and supporting professionals who helped create this website.

We had valuable technical assistance from two firms: Bidwell ID and Gravity Switch.

Bidwell ID is a strategic marketing and branding company located in nearby Florence, Massachusetts. They helped us identify our key messages and developed the design for the website. In a nice coincidence, Bidwell’s vice president, Maureen Scanlon, had already worked with Conway in earlier years as the graphic designer for our school magazine, con’text. She and Bidwell founder John Bidwell have much experience working with schools and communication.

John Bidwell interviewed Conway staff and alums and reviewed our earlier website and all of the school’s printed material. He developed our new tagline (Real world. Real results.) and helped us sort through the messages we wanted to share with our diverse audiences of applicants, project clients, alums, and supporters.

Lilly Pereira at Bidwell was art director on the project. She designed the look and feel of this website, including the bold, new “wordmark” with the name of the school that appears in the upper left corner of each page. You’ll notice in the wordmark that the concise name of the school is now complemented by the more descriptive title of our graduate program. We hope this will more directly tell people what we are about.

Gravity Switch builds web and interactive media solutions for a wide range of clients, including educational institutions. Gravity Switch’s Ketesah Trudeau and her teammates made this website work.

Our first major upgrade in a decade

Former Conway Website

Conway's former website had been evolving for a decade.

The website you are now viewing was the first major revision of Conway’s website since the first site was created a decade ago. Applicants and others told us how useful the site was; it had much interesting information, lots of it. But, the school had exciting new stories to tell. We had made important strides in projects and teaching–with more international work, for example.

The most important change in the website should be invisible to you. We have taken over the day-to-day management of the website and now add content directly without going through a central webmaster.

That former webmaster–and masterful she has been–was Conway alumna and the former chair of our board of trustees, Carrie Makover. Carrie was a graphic designer before coming to Conway and she served as our volunteer webmaster for ten years.

Gravity Switch built us a website that is a friendly content management system (CMS) and now there is no delay between Conway staff writing and illustrating content and our ability to get it to you.

The photo shoot in Shelburne Falls

If the truth be told the Conway staff don’t especially like having their photos taken. So, to make the process more interesting we made it an expedition to nearby Shelburne Falls, starting there at the old train station. We found lots of interesting backdrops, including old train cars, the Deerfield River, and all kinds of interesting plants.

Taking close-up photo. Making new photos

We also combed through many years worth of photographs in the school’s archive.

The big Blitz Build day

Working at the Blitz Build.

Genevieve Lawlor '11 and Dillon Sussman '08 help create the new website on the day of the Blitz Build.

One innovative aspect of making this website was the Blitz Build day, something akin to what landscape planners and designer would call a design charrette. On one late-summer day, Conway alums and staff gathered at the Bidwell office and were taught by Gravity Switch how to enter and manage information on the website.

The flurry of activity that day got the major components of this website in place and armed Conway folks with the tools to take charge of the content.

You can imagine how good it felt at the end of the day to see all that was accomplished and have a vision for where the website could go.

Now it’s you and us

We like this idea a lot. We can communicate with you in a timely fashion, giving you the information you need and sharing more of the excitement at Conway as it happens. Remember to stay in touch and let us know what you think. Contact us.

Here’s what we’ve heard so far

  • The highlight for me was looking at the online viewers for student project reports.  Their graphic design is wonderful, the content is very thoughtful and thorough and I will be back to scour around for graphic presentation and ideas to inform my own.
  • I really like it! The new web site completely reflects the school program and all that the school offers.  I like the option of checking the student projects, publications, etc. There is so much more now. Congratulations to the whole team!
  • I really like it! Well done to all for the hard work and terrific results.